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LikeHome Hostel's doors are always opened for you, dear friends! We try to do everything to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible and it left only good impressions.

Administration appreciates and protects the right of every guest on the comfort, safety and privacy. In order that it was possible, we have developed simple rules that apply to everyone living in the hostel.


Purity mode
Keep clean in the rooms, kitchen, dining room, in the shower, on the toilet, in the common areas and in the territory, directly adjacent to the hostel. Do not leave dirty dishes, dirty tables after eating.Perhaps you would'nt like to visit this "clean" kitchen. Respect your neighbors.

No alcohol
It is forbidden to drink the alcohol in the whole hostel. We do not accommodate guests in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. Eviction without refund.

No smoke
Designated areas for smoking is located on the street.

Security mode
Access to the hostel and the room are carried out by individual keys, you should be left the key at the reception by passing personally. For the loss of a key you payed a penalty - 100 rubles.

It is forbidden to store in the room firearms and hazardous substances,bulky things, inflammable materials, explosives and perishable products.

The surveillanceis is conducted in the hostel. At the reception there is a panic button. In the event of a conflict situation immediately contact with your administrator, she will do everything possible to resolve the situation and when it is will not work, cause security.

Kitchen and dining area
Every guest has the right to buy a moderate amount of food and store them in the right place, respecting the conditions in order to avoid spoiling. Administration has the right to withdraw products stored with violation of the rules. Please do not forget to sign your food. Do not forget to take products to the eviction. In the kitchen, there are no general food, but tea, coffee, water and sugar in a specified location are free. It is forbidden to take out of the hostel's utensils. You can use the kitchen equipment for its intended purpose and in accordance with the rules. After cooking you should retain the clean dishes and other kitchen utensils.

Iron and ironing board in common use are located on the second floor of the hostel. Do not leave the iron with water, drain it after ironing. The administration is not responsible for damaged items, so bude careful follow ironing modes with a recommendation on the clothing label.

Provision of a washing machine is a paid service. One laundry - 50 rubles. Administration is not responsible for damage of things in the washing machine, carefully study the recommendations of the manufacturer's washing of your clothes.

We have the sustainable reception area of the Wi-Fi. Regardless of the number of guests the internet is connected online fast. You can watch videos, chat on Skype, Facebook, Twitter.

Important information! Russian Ministry of Communications has drafted amendments to the Administrative Code, which introduced the responsibility for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for the organization of public Wi-Fi-networks without identification of users and their equipment. According to the document, for the creation of IP penalties for Wi-Fi-network, allowing users to remain anonymous, will be from 5000 rubles to 50 000 rubles for entrepreneurs and for legal entities - from 100 000 rubles to 200 000 rubles. For this reason we have to go to the measures providing for the identification of your network, due to which with certain frequency you exited from the Internet and reconnection again. We hope for your understanding!

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